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Ask Truman

Thanks for the Support

Butterfly65 (Clarkston, Georgia) asks:

Truman I simply want to compliment and affirm you. I find your responses quite impressive. You may not be an expert, by your own admission but, you possess the wisdom and compassion of a sage. Brother, please, keep up your good work.

Hello Butterfly65,


Thank you so much for your support.

Reading all the letters that are shared, I see that what we all want is essentially the same. We are all seeking that one thing that will make us happy--that one thing that will make us complete.

Sometimes it is a perfect mate, sometimes a perfect job, money, etc.

It's kind of like the The Wizard of Oz.

Like the Lion, we have looked for courage.

Like the Tin Man, we have looked for a heart.

Like the Scarecrow, we have looked for a brain.

Like Dorothy, we have looked for someone that will tell us how to get Home.

And for many of us, there is one place we have not yet looked.

Within--to hear that "still small voice..." Where who we think we are, finally is united with the divinity of Who We truly are. Where doing and having is transcended by Being and Knowing.

The good news is that we are all born with a pair of ruby slippers. And when one of us clicks our heels and realizes that we've been Home the entire time, the secret gets out :)

That secret brings Light and Healing to our community, it brings Light and Healing to the world.

Ain't it great to be alive.

Smile Sister.

You are loved.

God Bless,


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