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fattcatt (Birmingham, Alabama) asks:

Right to the question. What would be some reasons for a man not inviting a lady he's been dating for more than 3 months to his home. And why would a man wear the same clothing (always the same outfit)each and every time the couple went out for a short evening. Also, why would he not shower (never saw my bathroom) after sex, although he never stayed past 1:30am any given night.

Greetings Fattcatt,

This sounds a bit scandalous. Since you got straight to the question, I will get straight to the answer.

The guy you are dealing with is either a) married or in a committed relationship, b) homeless and embarrassed about it, c) making it clear that it’s just about sex, d) he’s crazy, or e) maybe all of the above.

Instead of wondering and speculating any further, why don’t you just ASK him? This may not be easy, after all what you have described sounds like an awkward situation. I do think that it’s easier to just ask him than to sit around in the dark wondering what’s up.

Now that I have answered your question, I have what I think may be a more crucial question of my own. While responding to your query, one thought has echoed in my head to the point that I just have to say: WHY ARE YOU WITH THIS GUY?

If it’s a mutual booty call then what can I say. You are a grown up and what you do with your time is your own business. If you are in this to develop a significant relationship, what about this guy indicates that he will be a good partner for you?

In all fairness, he may be a great guy. I suggest you address the elephant that is in the room, the lack of communication that you are experiencing, and take it from there. Once you clear the air, we may find out that it was d) none of the above ;)

Please let us know what happens.

Thanks for sharing.



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