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Does This Sound Shady To You?

Centera (Roxboro, North Carolina) asks:

There is this guy who I've known for over 9 years. We have always been close all through high school. About 2 years ago we got especially close, started going everywhere together, he came to see me alot we spent the night together but all that happend was some kissing and then we were talking one night and he said he wanted us to be together and I said so do I, then next day he was suppose to come see me but didn't, something happend to his car and the next thing I know he acts like nothing was ever said. And we didn't talk for months and one day I called and he returned my call and everything seemed ok he would come over and we would hang out and he'd call like he use to, but now I havn't heard from him in about a month,my birthday was about a month ago and about two weeks ago he said we would do something for my birthday and I saw him on my birthday at a store, he said to call him, but till this day he hasn't returned my call. I really do like him and I felt as if though he had feelings for me. Did I do something?

Hey Centera,

Let’s review the case shall we:

He was supposed to come over but something happened to his car. People do have car trouble from time to time, nothing out of the ordinary.

Then he acts as if nothing was said between the two of you. Okay, maybe he’s playing it cool. You know, sometimes people are shy when it comes to expressing their feelings.

Then you don’t talk for MONTHS…Perhaps he lost his cell phone.

Then he misses your birthday. Maybe his calendar was on his cell phone so…

Then he says he’ll make up for missing your birthday when you run into him at a store.

(At this point I have no more creative excuses)

He tells you to call HIM.

He does not call you back.

So let’s get to your question. “DID I DO SOMETHING?”

CENTERA! Please reread the case review, twenty times. The only thing that you did was wait around for someone that ain’t feelin’ you like that. When a guy really wants to be with you it is usually VERY clear.

I suggest that you spend some time with your thoughts and really get to the heart of why this scenario appealed to you. Are you usually drawn to men that are unavailable? Is there a pattern here that you have been experiencing for some time? What do you get out of playing a part in such a drama?

There are times when we get attached to something; we want it so bad that we can lose perspective on what is actually happening. We’ve all been there. I hope that this letter helps you see what you have been putting up with. You are probably fortunate that this one got away ;)

Remember, you deserve the best. You are a Queen. You deserve to realize your fondest dreams. This ain’t it.

There are a lot of people reading this right now that can see themselves in what you have posted to this site. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

Shine sister,


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