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Ask Truman

Back On Her Throne...

Thank God (Grand Rapids, Michigan) asks:

Hi Truman, well we had a conversation before...and u gave me the name 'Once Upon a Time a Queen.....well I just wanted you to know that I have been blessed....right after I wrote you the most wonderful black man came into my life and I am so thankful for him...he’s all that I asked for....soooo are you Santa????.....anyways...i just wanted you to know that I was wrong and I guess there are still some wonderful smart black men out there....why they choose not to be discovered is an enigma....well in saying all that....thanks listening....or what ever happened..... signed....i'm ok now!!!!!!!

Dear Thank God,


I am glad to hear that a “most wonderful Black man” has come into your life. I suggest that he was there all along. It is encouraging to read this letter that you shared and compare it with the one that you wrote before. It’s like night and day. Love is an amazing thing. Stay connected with Love and share the fruit of this connection with your man. FIRST and FOREMOST stay connected to Love, THEN let it be expressed in your relationship. Reversing the process leads to attachments and relationships that become unsustainable.

Keep your light on no matter what. Let that light shine on your relationship regardless of outward circumstances; regardless of what anyone tells you. Know that that light is the power to heal, to understand, to accept, to appreciate, and it will serve you as long as you allow it to burn bright in your life. It will cut through the darkness. It will remind all of the people in your life how special they really are. It will bring out the best in them, as long as you let it shine. It is not a door prize given out for good behavior; it is your DUTY as a Queen…

Having said all that, I ain’t Santa ;) I am a fellow traveler here to let you know that Life is good, and amazing things happen when we keep our eyes on the Prize.

It’s good to see you back on your throne sister!

Be good to one another.



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