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The Greatest Black Dating Site in The World Talkin' Junk

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Nigeria is the greatest black dating site in the entire world, no questions. Well, when you factor in size, maybe we're second best in the entire world. But then maybe when you refactor in honesty, SoulSingles is the best black dating site in the entire world.

Here's why.

One of the greatest who ever did anything in the last hundred years, Muhammad Ali, used positive self-affirmation to help become the heavy-weight champion of the world and one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. So will we. Because second best just ain't good enough.

So, towards the realization of our noble goal, let us begin speaking upon how awesome SoulSingles truly is...

But before we do that.

We have a question for you.

How willing are you to experience the best, most loving relationship you have ever experienced thus far in your life?

Are you ready? Would you be willing to self-talk, like Muhammad Ali, your way to remembering how amazing you already are? Would you get up on the ropes and raise your hands to the sky and proclaim, "I am the greatest!"? Would you shout at the top of your lungs, "I am beautiful! And while we're at it, I got some real unique sexy going on too!"

Would you buy yourself flowers for no reason at all? Would you leave an inspirational note on the bathroom mirror--something sure to coax an easy smile and get you going? Would you make yourself your favorite breakfast, "starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam"?

Would you compliment yourself in those jeans? Would you know that however you had your hair, it was perfect?

Would you play your favorite song over and over and over again because it's just that good and sometimes you really gotta play it that many times to appreciate the nuance and perfection of it all? For example, like Barbara Lynn's classic "It's Better To Have It" or the chorus to Blackwave's joint, "Elusive (featuring David Ngyah". Just sayin'.

Would you make choices that honor your soul?

Would you love yourself? No matter what?

If you wouldn't--why not? If you won't, why would you expect it of who you think you're looking for on the best black dating site in the entire world (throughout time and beyond human history)?

Now, if you would do all that for're in the right place. If you wouldn't do that for yourself...that's okay too. Whatever it is we're going to start, we can only do it from where we are.

And we love you where you are. Because we've learned to love ourselves and our mission for who we are. SoulSingles is truly the very best black dating site in the entire world. And we just proved it :)

( drops the mic and walks off. Then comes back to pick it up. Shouldn't leave microphones laying around. Someone could trip.)

Big ups to Muhammad Ali.

We Love You. With Soul.

Your truth telling friends at

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