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Black singles cruise

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According to the traveller’s choice award 2014, Istanbul, Rome, London and Beijing were amongst the most visited travelling destinations last year. However, people are no longer satisfied with visiting a single destination whilst on holiday. Perhaps this is the reason that cruises have become people’s number one choice when booking a vacation.

Cruises offer the perfect package; sun, sea and adventure but most importantly they give people the opportunity to visit numerous places in one go! There isn’t the hassle of having to book separate excursions or the trouble of figuring out how you will get from one destination to the next. You book one ticket and then you’re off, easy. Cruises have always been a hit with families and couples, and more recently with single citizens.

Whether you’re sailing around the Caribbean or the Meditation, cruises offer the perfect opportunity to discover any part of the world. But when the sightseeing becomes too much there is also the advantage of the ease in which you can meet new friends, or even a new partner. On a typical beach resort holiday it seems daunting to strike up a conversation when the nearest person is 500 meters away. This obstacle is removed when on a top deck observing the views of the ocean, where conversation is inevitable.

Given this it’s not surprising that tour operators now offer cruises exclusively for single people. Not only does this eliminate the fear of being stuck on a boat with a handful of unsettled children but it also increases the likelihood that you will come into contact with some like-minded people onboard, perhaps the ideal best friend or the perfect partner.

Family and couple free holidays have been especially successful amongst the black singles community. Destination 360 has received a high volume of customers that specifically book to go on a black singles cruise. You can simply enjoy your adventure and take in the sights or join in with one of the many arranged events onboard. They offer a meet and greet opportunity as soon as you board. But don’t worry if you miss that, there is still the chance to take part in speed dating, beach excursions and the single mixers game evening.

As well as various entertainment and activities most black singles cruises also ensure that there is live music onboard. Whether it’s jazz, blues or the latest hits, there will be something to suit all tastes.

So if you’re tired of sitting on the same beach every year and you want to enjoy your holiday amongst good company, book yourself onto a black singles cruise now!

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