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5 Reasons Why Black Women Who Don't Want To Be Single, Are Single

So you've come to one of the best black dating sites on the web (we think so because we love ourselves) and you're confident you're going to change your destiny and manifest your desires to find black romance and love. Please read this or you will not get the results you desire no matter how good we think SoulSingles is.

Once you've reckoned with these 5 things--you will be on your way...

1. You have believed the lie that has been told about you.

Don't worry--it's easy to fall for it. It's been repeated and reflected in the media, in the schools, in our homes, at our dinner tables.

The lie: You are not already good enough. You are less than.

SoulSingles is the best black dating site in the world, not because our technology is better than Amazon's, or we're bigger than Facebook. We are the best because we know who you are.

You are a beautiful Black woman and you were born a goddess and are always already good enough. But, it doesn't matter that we know this. Do you know this? It is the antidote to the lie. If you look for a reason, you will fail.

You are beautiful for absolutely no reason at all. Your beauty is unreasonable. If you can dig that--you will find yourself. And you will find any black man your heart desires.

2. There are no good Black men out there!

See #1. There are plenty of great, outstanding, Black men in the world and on SoulSingles. Can you see them? Remember, you will see where all the good Black men are when you see where you are. As soon as you let go of the lie. As soon as you step into your truth. SoulSingles literally has thousands and thousands of good black men. Where you live (unless you live in Iowa) there are literally thousands of good black men. It's not where you look. It's how you look. If you can't find a good black date in the African Diaspora, then you gotta start looking differently ;)

3. You're waiting.

Yes, you're waiting. You're waiting for something to happen to you. Your doing a bunch of research on the internet about Black love and finding a meaningful black relationship with a brother you can trust and who will support you. Never, ever, ever wait to love yourself. Loving yourself is the first and only step in finding that connection in someone outside of yourself.

There are thousands of women on our site that have made Connections with the black men of their choosing, but don't make the first move, because. We have the numbers to prove it. They wait....well, because.

4. You are scared.

You are scared that deep down, the lie you've accepted about yourself is not true at all. But if the lie is not true, and you are truly a fabulous, beautiful, radiant, intelligent, godly Black women in her prime--then why are you playing so small?

Why are you settling for less than? Why? What scares you about how glorious you really are? Think about it because until you open up to the answer, you will continue to deny yourself the life you really want. We believe that SoulSingles is a great place for Black folk to make their own experiences and learn about how much they can love themselves. It's not an automatic fix all for the perfect black date. Your heart is required :)

5. You're too busy.

No you're not. You've read all this :) You're reading all this because you're ready. You're curious. You're seeking. That's why you're looking for Black dating sites, thinking about finding a black man you can connect with, mind, body, and spirit.

You're also busy thinking about all the reasons you can't have what you want. You actually invest more time in that than your heart's dream. It's time you stopped all that. It's time you reclaimed that time back and put it into yourself. You won't be too busy if you stop wasting your time entertaining the lie.

You are never, ever too busy to love yourself. If you are, what is it that you doing?

If you're going to sign up to SoulSingles, please hold this thought in your heart: Before there is Black Love, there must be Self Love.

We Love You. With Soul.

Your truth telling friends at

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